Cable-Stayed Bridges

Photo: Flatiron Corp. - OxBlue Construction Camera Services
John James Audubon Bridge, St. Francisville to New Roads, Louisiana, USA
Buckland & Taylor is known around the world for our work on cable-stayed bridges
Photo: TZ Constructors / HDR Engineering

​Buckland & Taylor played an important role in the successful erection of the New NY Bridge as part of the Tappan Zee Constructors, LLC. d...

Photo: COWI NA

​Buckland & Taylor's design ensured structure durability and a 100 year service life.

Photo: Flatiron Corp. Web Cam

A winning design-build solution for the longest cable-stayed bridge in Canada and the United States.

Photo: Buckland & Taylor Ltd.
Buckland & Taylor developed the basic bridge design and supported KODA in securing turnkey construction bids and in finalizing...
Photo: COWI
Design of the stainless steel clad composite upper towers, direction for the design of the lower reinforced concrete towers and internal design r...

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