Skytrain Bridge

Photo: B&T
Skytrain Bridge, New Westminster to Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
The world's longest cable-supported transit-only bridge.

This cable-stayed bridge, which is the world’s longest cable-supported transit-only bridge, carries two tracks of light rapid transit across the Fraser River. It has a main span of 340 m (1115 ft.) and a total length of 616 m (2020 ft.).

Buckland & Taylor originated the idea of having a cable-stayed bridge and, in joint venture with CBA Engineering Ltd., designed the steel and concrete composite alternative for a design competition and performed the train/structure dynamic analysis for both competing designs.

In 1986, the CBA-Buckland & Taylor design was underbid by half a percent; but the Company later (1991 and 1999) assisted with an evaluation of the pre-stressed concrete bridge that was built to determine if it could carry heavier trains.

LAST UPDATED: 11.11.2015