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US Grant Bridge

Photo: B&T
US Grant Bridge during demolition, Portsmouth, Ohio to South Shore, Kentucky, USA
Demolition of the existing bridge and erection engineering for its replacement

Prior to demolition, the US Grant Bridge was a two lane suspension bridge over the Ohio River constructed in 1927, with main span of 213 m (700 ft.). 

Buckland & Taylor Ltd. prepared the demolition engineering plan for the Contractor for the US Grant suspension bridge. Buckland & Taylor Ltd. analyzed the capacity of the bridge to ensure it could safely support its own weight and wind loading during all stages of demolition.

The bridge deck and trusses were cut at pre-determined locations into 11 m (35 ft.) long pieces and removed following a predetermined sequence using a barge mounted crane. Once the trusses and deck were removed, the main cables were cut using explosives, dropping the towers and cables into the river clear of the navigation channel for subsequent removal.

LAST UPDATED: 11.11.2015