Rehabilitation Studies

Photo: B&T
St. Marys Whycliffe Bridge, near Cranbrook, British Columbia, Canada
Buckland & Taylor remains at the forefront of seismic engineering practice and introduced several seismic innovations - including being the first in Canada to utilize hysteretic yield plateau dampers and friction pendulum bearings.

Since 1988, Buckland & Taylor Ltd. has been responsible for the seismic assessment and retrofit design of several bridges around the world.

Clients for these seismic assessment and retrofit projects include Local Agencies in California, California Department of Transportation and Highways, Santa Cruz County, the Golden Gate Bridge Authority, BC Ministry of Transportation and Highways, City of Vancouver, Vancouver Port Corporation and Government of the Yukon.

Attainment of Professional Civil Engineer status in California, presently held by 10 of our engineers, requires success in examinations on seismic engineering.

LAST UPDATED: 03.11.2015